Ecclesiastes 4:12
And if someone overpowers one person, two can resist him.
A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

The members of this ministry organize and coordinate services especially for married couples—members or nonmembers, happily or unhappily married. They arrange workshops, support groups, social events, recreational activities, and annual retreats and cookouts designed with one purpose in mind: to help married couples achieve happy, healthy, and Christ-centered relationships.

For questions or more information about the Marriage Ministry
please contact Bro. Eric or Sis. Wanda Smith, Ministry Co-Leaders
at 301-679-1100 or


Brothers For Christ Men’s Ministry

The mission of the Brothers For Christ Men’s Ministry is to assist men to grow spiritually by strengthening their personal relationship with God through Worship, Bible Study, Accountability, and Fellowship.

We aim to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ; by encouraging one another to be servant leaders in our families, church and communities by establishing unity, camaraderie, and brotherhood. We will implement our vision by educating the men of Kingdom Fellowship of all ages through fellowship, discipleship, and accountability. The use of Men’s Discipleship Groups will help facilitate development and reach men of ALL Ages. Our foundational Scripture is Romans 12:1-2. Men’s Monthly Event/Bible Study – Every 2nd Saturday 8:30am-10am.  

For more information please contact the Men’s Ministry by using the form under Get Involved.

Women’s Ministry

“Developing daughters into disciples by connecting, growing, and serving.”

The Kingdom Fellowship Women’s Ministry is a community of Spirit-filled women committed to serving God, His church, and the broader community. Its purpose is to equip, encourage, and empower women to mature spiritually and to live by faith under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It strives to make disciples of women by encouraging them to connect inwardly with God, grow relationally with each other, and serve outwardly in the community. Through participation in this ministry’s Bible-based activities, women are provided with opportunities to know and experience God’s perfect love, grow in His grace, and celebrate His Kingdom in every area of life. Ministry members help to organize the church’s annual women’s season events as well as its women-focused conferences, quarterly fellowships, life groups, and other outreach initiatives.

Leader Camille Johnson


The Young Adult Ministry is designed to create a space for the faith expression that defines this demographic.  This ministry creates a space for people to meet and connect with people organically in exciting and diverse settings.

Everyone has a gift, everyone has a talent, and God wants to use us all! Through informal groups, times of worship called “Gather Nights” and special events where twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings build and share, we grow closer to becoming what we are supposed to become in Jesus Christ and for God’s Kingdom.  

For more information about the young adult ministry please contact Reverend’s Erica and Russell St. Bernard via email revruss@Kingdom.Global


Kingdom Kids and Youth Ministry

Serving children and young adults from nursery age through high school, the Kingdom Kids and Youth Ministry provides spiritual enrichment for youth of all ages. Its ethos is based on a four-fold formula: Daily Prayer + Weekly Study + Weekly Worship + Consistent Service = Strong Christian Growth. Kingdom Youth ministry members offer both loving care and Christ-centered guidance while engaging young people in a variety of church-based and community activities.

For more information contact

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